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Milestones in the career of a multilingual content professional

Level D:
School-leaving examinations (Abitur) with a language focus
Level B:
Qualified translator (Diplom)

Step 1: From language talent to your go-to translator

During my school years, I absolutely devoured comics, short stories and satires. I even wrote my own poems and stories. In English and French, I breezed through the grammatical twists and turns like a slalom pro. After completing my school-leaving examinations (Abitur) with advanced courses in English and French and several months of student exchanges, one thing was clear: I wanted to further my language skills and use them later in my career!

I enrolled at the prestigious Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (FTSK, formerly FASK Germersheim) – to become a translator for English, French and German. During my studies, I spent six months in France at Université Rennes 2 and nine months in Scotland at Heriot-Watt University. I began working freelance in 2002, after I graduated (Diplom). I joined the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) one year later. The BDÜ only accepts as members language professionals with the appropriate training or experience as members.

Make use of my natural talents and acquired skills to achieve your goals.

Level B:
Qualified translator (Diplom)
Level A:
Specialised translator

Step 2: A passion for sport

My specialisations stem from my personal talents and interest: I began skiing at the age of four. I represented my secondary school at regional athletics meets. I made it to the district try-outs for the junior football team. At university, I spent 15–20 hours per week participating in club and university sports. I led the football training and played football, basketball and volleyball several times a week – during the winter, often all three one after the other!

Sport is undoubtedly my greatest passion. My current sports programme entails around 7–10 hours per week. It comprises sprint intervals, jogging, mountaineering, football, basketball, volleyball, fitness training at the gym and fascia training.

Communicate every ounce of our shared passion for sport to your consumers.

Level A:
Specialised translator
Level A+:
Creative specialised translator

Step 3: Turning my creative talents to your advantage

At university, I developed a keen interest in creative and constructive translation as propounded by the renowned Germersheim school of thought. I also continued to hone my talent for playing with language.

I wrote a number of well-received essays on rhetorical techniques. I also analysed English and French sayings and expressions. An advanced course on the translation of metaphors consolidated my rhetorical expertise.

I wrote my dissertation on the language and style of Afro-American English in American hip-hop music. I had a eureka moment during my first paid projects: my talent for crafting fluid, expressive and idiomatic translations is also in demand in the business world!

Take advantage of my rhetorical skills. Allow me to flex my creative muscles for you.

Level A+: Creative specialised translator

Steps 4, 5, 6, etc.: Continuous development for your success

Despite my professional success, I consider my career to be continuously evolving. Whether through functional training, copywriting, PR editing, SEM or cross-media editing: ADVANCED|TRAINING allows me to cultivate and perfect my specialist knowledge and writing expertise. What’s more, I am constantly furthering my skills through YOUR compelling CASE|STUDIES.

Being a language expert with 20 years of professional experience means one thing: I play in the premier league. I always work at the highest professional and linguistic level for you.

Keep sight of success: score a linguistic home run with your buyers, customers and readers.

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