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The Plus Effect in overview

Review your options. On this page you can read about the Plus Effect of Sports Copy Plus and Kreativ Copy Plus.

Original content instead of generic blah-blah

Robot, go home! MT systems and text robots churn out cheap imitations. See the main differences here at a glance:

Machine translation and text robots
Sports Copy Plus and Kreativ Copy Plus
001110101 – lifeless generic texts
Did you know? Even modern MT systems and robots simply string together existing text snippets. Meaning it all sounds the same in the end: like rehashed sentence fragments.
100% heart and soul
Original texts and translations are creativity par excellence. I intuitively craft bespoke pieces according to your individual requirements.
The Plus Effect: you win over buyers, customers and readers with tailored originals.
Zero passion
Want to appeal to your readers' emotions? Then you must speak and feel like a human.
Endless emotional appeal
I translate and write as a human for humans.
The Plus Effect: the eyes take in your message – and it goes straight to the heart.

To conclude: in B2B and B2C, person-to-person communication is the only sensible option.

Triple creative power instead of run-of-the-mill regurgitation

The next important question: what is the difference between ordinary texts and professional translations from a multilingual content service with Plus Effect?

Ordinary professional translators and editors
Sports Copy Plus and Kreativ Copy Plus
Standard solutions
Accurate, well-researched and grammatically correct texts – that is what you’ll get from experienced/trained specialist translators and editors. This isn’t enough to create compelling content though.
Triple creative power
I am a copywriter, specialised editor and creative translator in one.
The Plus Effect: content that informs AND appeals AND entertains. Genuine infotainment.

Don’t waste your time with mundane translations and marketing texts. A far better strategy: choose to amaze readers and boost brand loyalty instead.

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Thorsten Distler Creative Translations

    Marcom translations for other industries

    As a specialised editor and copywriter, I exclusively prepare sports-related copy. As a marcom translator, I also flex my creative muscles for you in other specialist areas:

    Competitive Edge
    stay one step ahead
    I’m always on the ball, keeping on top of my game so you can outpace the competition.
    From top sports physiotherapy publications to Germany’s leading sports magazines to the latest pop culture news and other sources of inspiration: I keep up with the scene and know what’s happening in my field. I also regularly complete further training to remain at the top of my game – I am a qualified personal trainer, for instance.
    Perfect Start
    set up for success
    Put your best foot forward right from the get-go.
    Prepare for the moment you take your mark and get set to compete in the German-speaking world. To win, you need a first-class word coach. How do you find one? Look at how they developed their essential skills – such as degrees in linguistics or cultural studies and memberships in translation and copywriting associations. And ask to see previous results. That way you know you’ll hit the ground running and make a perfect start.
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