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Creative translations, transcreation, copywriting and online journalism

1. Creative translations, marcom translations and localisation

Marcom translations

Marcom translations are suitable for sales and image purposes. A marketing translation actually involves two services in one: specialised translation PLUS copywriting. For the following text types, you need someone who can produce excellent copy:
  • Product and company brochures
  • Press releases
  • Internet presences and websites
  • Promotional mail-outs
  • Employee mailings
  • Magazine articles and journalistic texts
  • Product catalogues
  • Posters

I offer creative translations as propounded by the renowned Germersheim school of thought. My approach: I prepare appealing content, informative articles and blog posts, gripping dialogues, word play and advertising content – also without a foreign source text.

Your advantage: you receive idiomatic, faithful translations. A text that reads like a German original. True to my motto of taking your brand to the next level.

NB: creative translation = copywriting PLUS translation
= multilingual communication for your brand image and sales

Creative specialised translations, localisation and mixed genres

The following text types generally involve a combination of specialised translation and marketing.
They require outstanding creative skills, coupled with specialist knowledge:
  • Apps such as fitness software
  • Specialist publications
  • User manuals
  • In-game and in-app dialogue
  • Product catalogues and pages, both online and in print

When dealing with these formats, the translator is responsible for three aspects: keeping sight of the information provided and brand image. And conveying content in a manner appropriate to the target audience. One particularity of specialist publications: a certain duty to remain true to the original and the author. Content edits and major cultural adaptations must be discussed with the publisher/author.

Professionally sound and entertaining creative translations are a smart investment. They allow you to win new readers, customers and advertisers.

2. Transcreation

So what’s different about marcom translations? Transcreation requires a detailed brief. What’s more, the texts produced are entirely different to the source text. From image files through metaphors to the text structure: this option involves maximum variation in the translation and copywriting.

In other words: the source file is the raw material. The experienced translator and copywriter uses this to craft an entirely new text in the target language. An original that achieves the same effect as the source text. It is worth investing in well-written transcreations. Entrust your advertising texts and PR to an experienced copywriter.

Only transcreations prepared for your specific purpose by a seasoned pro will truly hit the mark.

Find out more here about the process of transcreating and marcom translation.

3. Copywriting and online journalism

3.1 Copywriting

Don't have a print-ready source text yet? If need be, I will gladly draft entire lines of argument. From the features through the benefits to the advantages. Specifically: brief me in English, German or French and I will prep the German copy. Address your end customers directly with tailored content.

Add top texts to your brand and image marketing.

3.2 Content for corporate communication

Need a brilliant idea for your employee magazine? A new approach for your newsletter? Or a press release prepped by a pro?

As your external concept and text supplier, I contribute my entire creative power – for articles and press releases that the intended audience really will read.

Appealing PR texts address interested journalists and editors. Portraying your brand in a positive light in trade media.

3.3 Cross-media editing

Want to fill your new blog with juicy content to attract new business? I serve your readers content in bite-sized morsels. I conduct research in all of my working languages. The perfectly polished final product is then available in German, my mother tongue. Which format are you interested in?
  1. Information-oriented: notifications, messages, reports, features, profiles and interviews
  2. Opinion-oriented: commentaries, critiques, service texts, blog posts and magazine articles
Whether a blog post, story board, podcast or image video: I’ll pull out all the stops for you.

4. Proofreading, revision, copy-editing and beta testing

Want to reach out to larger audiences online or in print with your project? Four eyes see more than two. With the following add-ons, you're playing safe:

4.1 Proofreading and revision

Have the spelling, grammar, typography, style, punctuation and factual accuracy reviewed – in a bilingual proofing or in a monolingual revision round.

4.2 Copy-editing and beta testing

Copy-editing goes one step further than proofreading and revision: the editor taps into their specialist knowledge to streamline your style and content. Leaving you with print-ready copy.

Beta testing is the modern-day equivalent to classic copy-editing for websites and apps. Here, the editor adopts your end customers’ mindset. And meticulously reviews the style and content of all your texts. Afterwards, the project can go live.

Guarantee a flawless presence for your products and publications – thanks to a thorough final review.

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