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Spot-on sports content

Always on the ball

The sports industry, sports marketing, sports science and sports medicine: all are evolving at a breathtaking pace! So I always keep abreast of the latest developments via radio and television. I also regularly review the current state of knowledge in specialist literature – on injury prevention, rehabilitation and training science. This means you can be sure your translation is in competent hands.

Because only knowledgeable experts can supply good translations.

First-hand experience

Even more valuable than sound expertise: personal familiarity with the knowledge gained. My training plan gives comprehensive insights into diverse aspects of physical fitness – from endurance, coordination and flexibility to power and speed. The transition between my professional and sporting activities is essentially fluid. I like to try out what I read, translate and write. When it comes to your projects, I draw on my wealth of sporting experience. For you, this means: I view your material from an end-consumer perspective.

As an external language service provider, I am your linguistic beta tester – your upstream consumer. This contributes enormous added value to your communication with customers.

Sport and sports medicine: specialist fields

Whether yoga, football or fitness training: every sporting discipline involves countless poses and routines. This presents a huge challenge for translation and training alike. After all, everything must make perfect sense. So your specialised translator must immerse themselves entirely in the material. Ideally, they should be a qualified coach or active athlete themselves. Disciplines I can offer off the cuff with a clear conscience:

Athletics: strength, plyometrics, sprint, endurance, coordination, stabilisation training DFB fitness coach (C Licence), personal trainer (EQF Level 3)
Basketball University sport at FTSK Germersheim, university team at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, ASV Laineck amateur team
Board sports: surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding SV Gesees – skiing and cycling divisions, skiing courses in Obertauern (Austria), surfing course in Annecy (France)
Bodybuilding Personal trainer (EQF Level 3)
Climbing DAV Top Rope Climbing certificate
Fitness Personal trainer (EQF Level 3)
Football DFB fitness coach (C Licence), university football trainer
SV Mistelgau (since 1980), ASV Pegnitz, TSV Plankenfels, VfR Sondernheim, TSV Westheim: player, youth coach and match coordinator
Jogging DFB fitness trainer (C Licence)
Marathon running DFB fitness trainer (C Licence)
Mountaineering, hiking, outdoor pursuits DAV Toprope climbing certificate
Orthopedics and
Degree in medical translation (Diplom), personal trainer (EQF Level 3)
Preventive and
rehabilitation sports
Degree in medical translation (Diplom), personal trainer (EQF Level 3)
Road cycling and mountain biking SV Gesees sports club – skiing and cycling divisions
Running DFB fitness trainer (C Licence)
Skiing SV Gesees sports club – skiing and cycling divisions, ski courses in Obertauern (Austria)
Sports equipment Personal trainer (EQF Level 3)
Sports games MA in didactics of early language learning, dissertation involving an analysis of PC learning games
Sports medicine and biology Advanced biology course, degree in medical translation (Diplom), personal trainer (EQF Level 3)
Sports nutrition Degree in medical translation (Diplom), personal trainer (EQF Level 3)
Sports tourism SV Gesees sports club – skiing and cycling divisions, ski courses in Obertauern (Austria), surfing course in Annecy (France)
Strength training Personal trainer (EQF Level 3)
Tennis 1-on-1/group lessons – SV Mistelgau sports club – tennis division
Triathlon DFB fitness trainer (C Licence)
Volleyball University sport at FTSK Germersheim, university teams at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and Université Rennes 2 in France
Yoga Courses at Taidokan martial arts school in Bayreuth

In all of the above fields, I fulfil two key criteria:
  1. Comprehensive project experience through translated and published articles, brochures, specialist publications, etc.
  2. Targeted training lasting several months/years in a sports club or at university, or a recognised qualification.
I am well established on the scene and interact constantly with the industry. The bonus effect: I speak the same lingo your customers and readers speak.

Further sources of inspiration

I keep track of developments in pop and subcultures – from the latest film releases, comedy series and cabaret acts to innovative music genres and poetry slams. As a copywriter and translator, I draw new ideas and inspiration from these creative channels.

The upside to a mind absolutely brimming with creativity? Even more original and inspired texts and translations.

Benefit from my passion for sport and language. I bring out the best in your texts.

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