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Fitness equipment

Website of a world-famous manufacturer of fitness equipment (April to June 2017)

The company website features technical data on barbells, Olympic barbells, training frames, barbell racks, discuses and other sporting equipment. Those product descriptions have been incorporated into promotional texts. It consequently serves a dual purpose: on the one hand to sell and, on the other, to boost the brand image.


Primal Endurance

Adaptation of the 350-page book Primal Endurance (November 2016 to April 2017)

In his fantastic training and health guide for endurance athletes, Mark Sisson explains the innovative approach he took to prepare his co-author Brad Kearns for success. Kearns used his health- and performance-enhancing training principles to win the Iron Man in Hawaii a grand total of six times. A compelling read – and proof that competitive and recreational sport are not mutually exclusive.


Michael Matthews: weight-loss guide and blog

Translation of the weight-loss guides Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger (May to October 2016)

These two comprehensive training handbooks on weight loss are geared towards readers striving for more lasting, long-term weight loss. Each book takes a science-based approach to examine the aspects of health, nutrition and fitness in around 300 pages. The author draws on the scientific findings from his vast wealth of knowledge to back up his advice and convince readers.


Everyday Yoga

Adaptation of the entire book (June to August 2015)

Sage Rountree has rightly made a name for herself on the US yoga scene. Her yoga menus are uniquely accessible to readers. With such an outstanding author and yogini, doing justice to the original and at the same time making the German text even better than the English original presented a real challenge. Read more...

Functional Fitness

Guide for vegans to building up muscle (June to August 2015)

As the active competitive athlete Patrick Baboumian explains at the very start of his book, he wishes to introduce readers to his science-based training principle in a simple, easily comprehensible manner. The German version naturally also needs to fulfil this intention. My background as a fitness coach and personal trainer therefore couldn’t have been more fitting. I firmly believe that the more familiar a translator is with the subject, the more direct expressions and appropriate metaphors they will be able to find.

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